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Saturday, June 21, 2014

End of the schoolyear

For most students in Belgium's high schools, the long summer holidays have begun. They have finished their last exam, and only need to pick up their report sometime next week. Some of them don't even do that.

It's been a tradition too in Belgium that holiday trips in June are cheaper than those in July or August. So many parents want to travel the last week of June, when prices are a lot lower. Normally this is not condoned by the authorities, but up to now little is done about it.

My own parents were very strict in this. We never travelled before June 30th. Even when all the teachers went on strike, we had to go to school!

For us teachers, there remain of course days of deliberations and then we have to fill in the reports and hand them out to our class. But our minister has granted us leave from June 28th (27th being a Friday). We don't have to be at school on June 30th.

And then we can do whatever we like for two long months. For us two trips abroad are on the program; first a trip to Jersey in the Channel Islands, and later on in August a trip to Ireland. In-between we'll be staying where we are now, at the North Sea coast. We had another beautiful day here, which we really did enjoy. What a luxury to be able to buy an icecream cone while walking along the boardwalk!

What are your holiday plans?

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