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Monday, June 30, 2014

Rail strike

Once more, the socialist union of Belgian Rail is on strike. They complain because they are not able to take their holidays when they like.

I can understand them in a way, because my own dad worked for Belgian Rail, and already in his days there were problems enough. Not enough personel, too many bosses, for example. I guess the problem still exists.

But I also understand all of those who could not get to their work today or missed out on their holidays. I heard on the news that also Eurostar is on strike. So when you need to go to London to board a plane there, how in heaven's name are you going to get there?

I also feel lucky because we aren't leaving today for our trip. The strike is only for one day, so we shouldn't have any problems when we are travelling to London.

There should be other ways to show you are not satisfied with  a situation. Why not let everyone board the trains for free? Or hand out leaflets to everyone? But going on strike is very Belgian. We often joke about it, because most strikes are either on a Monday or a Friday, so those who are on strike have a long weekend....

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