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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Long weekend

These weeks at the end of a schoolyear are a blessing for us teachers. First we have the two weeks of Easter holidays, and they are followed by two long weekends (these can be in May and June). Always only a couple of weeks to work, and then a break. Especially when you are getting older you do appreciate this!

So right now we are enjoying the last of the long weekends. We are staying at the coast and the weather is just spendid! Full sunshine and reasonably warm (it's way too warm inland). We've done a short walk and then enjoyed the sun on our terrace. We don't often go to the beach anymore, it takes about a kilometer to reach the sea (the beach really is that big) and then you have to carry folding chairs and a heavy bag full of stuff.

At our terrace, we don't have sand, but we can also enjoy the blue sky and we have everything we need within reach. We drink our coffee or cold drinks there, we have a big parasol, easy chairs to relax in - and the toilet is not far away...

We did some washing as well and it's always good to watch it while it's drying. The winds up here (we're on the top floor) are rather high and you need to pin the linen fast. You also have to see if the drying racks don't overturn - which they sometimes do.

The weather bureau predicts the same kind of weather for tomorrow and even warmer on Monday, so we're in for a great weekend.

Have a great one yourselves!

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