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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Who's going to win the FIFA World Cup?

I'm not the one to wager - unless I know I can win (I used to do this often when living in Germany, being a twenty-something - I always wagered with the boys for a bottle of champagne or a dinner at the best restaurant in Soest).

So I wonder who's going to go on the the quarter finals and who'll finally win the tournament?

Today there are two 1/8 finals going on. Brazil (with Neymar) against Chile, and Colombia against Uruguay. Then tomorrow is The Netherlands against Mexico and Costa Rica against Greece. On Monday France against Nigeria and Germany against Algeria (I hope the Algerians win!!). Finally on Tuesday it's Belgium against the USA (go Belgium, go!) and Argentina (with Messi) against Switzerland.

Any pronostics?

I honestly have no idea. Of course I hope my country will go on to the quarter finals, where it will probably meet Argentina. And then it's Messi against Hazard....

And of course the Dutch also think they'll become World Champions, as do the Germans, the Brazilian, the Argentines...

What's your opinion?

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