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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waar is da feestje? Hier is da feestje!

When even a king goes crazy about football (soccer) I guess I can't do anything elso but comply. Yesterday evening,  6 pm our time (1 pm Brazilian time) our national team, the Red Devils, began their first match in Group H against Algeria.

Before the start of the match, everyone agreed that Algeria wouldn't be much of a threat. Especially when we have the best team in the world (?)! But guess what, after some twenty minutes of playing time, the first goal was for Algeria.

A penalty, caused by a fault of De Bruyne. And of course the ball went into the goal of keeper Courtois.

Big disappointment on Belgian side. Everything went quiet. The black-red-yellow flags that adorned nearly every house or building hung quietly in the air. But when the first time was finished, coach Wilmots made some changes. Fellaini in, also Origi and Mertens.

And wonder above wonder, Fellaini did it! He made the first goal for the Belgians, making equal. And not much later, Dries Mertens could get another one in. Euphoria in Belgium - even King Filip went out of his normally formal behavior. I guess our neighbors will have heard the scream of my sister as well - well, good for them as we often hear Richard talking very loudly when we're already in bed.

Shortly afterwards, the party exploded. Cars drove by hooting wherever they spotted flags (we bought one especially just last weekend). This morning, all the newspapers turn Red Devil. In Brazil, the supporters who took the trip to Brazil (costed more than 3,000 Euro) shouted so hard they were without voice. But no problem, the Brazilian populace took over. They easily sang 'Waar is da feestje, hier is da feestje!' as they heard the Belgians do. It's a carnival song that has become quite popular. Translation: Where is that party? Here is that party!

And Belgium is the leader in Group H. Russia and South-Korea was 1-1. So when we can win against Russia next Sunday, we go to the 1/8 finals. Fingers crossed?

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