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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Back home - but not without difficulty!

Exactly on the last day of our stay in Scuol, Switzerland, snow began to fall. The train in the village left on time, but that was about all the positive news!

We were delayed in Landquart (on our way to Zurich). Luckily we had chosen to take an earlier train, because we know train get delayed a lot. We got to the airport on time to check in, but once through the customs, we noticed lots of flights were delayed or even cancelled. And that for one/two centimeter of snow!!!

When time came to board our plane, we also got the message it was delayed. It would leave two hours later. Now for most of the people this was not a problem, but we did not know if we would have a train home...

We tried the internet hub to check rail times, but for one or other reason this system did not work. We were supposed to get a code on our mobile, but this did not arrive. Nobody else had (or simply refused) internet access so we arrived in Brussels without knowing what or how.

As soon as we had picked up our suitcases (which also took a while...) we went to the railway station downstairs. And there our luck changed. There was still a lady behind the counter, AND she could tell us we would make it to Dendermonde. There still were trains, albeit we had to change trains sometimes. Around 11.30 pm we turned the lock to our front door. The house was dead cold and I could not get warm for half of the night.

Yeah, travelling is nice, but delays are not!

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