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Thursday, December 11, 2014

PC banking

Two days ago, I had an appointment in my local bank. The guy on the phone has mentioned some changes, which needed to be discussed, Well, I thought this would probably not be necessary - and I was right.

The talk was mainly about computer banking. This (young) bank clerk most likely thought that everyone over 50 has no notion of computers...

He seemed astonished to learn I knew how to do PC-banking, knew the number of my bank card and did not need to look up my access code on a paper kept in my wallet!

All fun aside, I did not learn a lot there. Just that the bank is introducing an app for the tablet - and I'd already downloaded it. It makes computer banking even easier.

Here in Belgium computer banking is well-introduced. It has been here for over 10 years and I believe we were among the first to use it world-wide.

I remember a trip to the US in 2003 where the manager was going to wire money to my account (I had had an accident there and they insisted on paying all the expenses) and that took over FOUR months to finally reach it. The manager mailed me about every week to say sorry it took so long. Apparently they had to send a request to Washington, and then a bank there had to make a transfer to my account. All very time consuming, while we already did everything with one click of the cursor!

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