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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I don't know whether to blame Alfred Hitchcock for making The Birds, or my parents for allowing both myself and my even younger sister to watch this film at a tender age...

Anyway, ever since that film I don't like birds anymore. Before watching the film, I took pleasure in holding our little singing bird while grandfather cleaned its cage. I thought it funny when uncle's parakeet flew around my head or landed on my shoulder.

But ever since, I find no pleasure in seeing birds. I dread having lunch in a place with lots of trees, because you may be sure some sparrows will be frank enough to sit on the brim of your table, or even worse, come picking from your plate. We once experienced this on a trip in Norway. So afterwards, no more al fresco dining - or it should be in those place where birds wouldn't appear.

A couple of days I had a nasty encounter with some black birds in my garden. I was picking fallen leafs but apparently bothered those black birds. I don't know what they are, crows? Ravens? I don't know a lot about birds. Anyway, I tried to shoo them away, but they just did not move. One had the audacity to attack, so I went for a heavy broom and chased them away. Dealt one to the nasty one, and I hope it hurt!

Those black birds make a nest on one of my chimneys. I have to ask someone to put up something to keep them away from it. Otherwise the chimney might get blocked. But I haven't seen any of them since I chased them from the back of my garden, where they seemed to be having a congress.

Does anyone of you also have a dislike of birds?

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