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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Enjoying the fresh air

While there is no snow to speak of, we are enjoyinf the good mountain air in the Swiss Alps.

There  are less tourists than usual, both here in the hotel and in the village, but we don't let it come to heart. For us, no snow is good news. All the mountain paths are free of ice. Only on the other side of the valley -the north side - there are a couple of spots where there are some icy patches.

We are here to relax. Ewpecially my wister needs it, because she has entered a ver demanding position in September. The hotel is very nice and the food is great. There is also a wellness center attached to it, and just a while ago we have taken a steam bath...

The weather is also cooperating. It is not very warm (around zero) but the sun was there all day. What more can you want?

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