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Friday, January 2, 2015

Pictures from our trip to Switzerland

First of all, I want to wish everyone a happy 2015.

Also, I'd like to post some pictures from our trip to Scuol. Scuol (Schulz in German) is a Swiss village in the region of Unter-Engadin. The language spoken there is reto-romansch (a form of Latin language). Some examples:

* bun di = good day
* allegra = hello
* arrivai = see you later

I don't know everything of this language, but generally I can understand the gist of what someone is saying. This because of the fact we've been visiting Scuol for over 20 years!

The landscape is very breathtaking and beautiful out there. Here are some examples:

As you can see, there was enough snow above 2,500 meter, but beneath only a little bit.

I'd also like to show you a picture from the Christmas Eve celebration in Sur En. The farmers out there create an open space in the middle of the forest and entertain visitors with mulled wine and chocolate mile, along with Christmas song played by local musicians. You need good eyesight, though....

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