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Saturday, May 30, 2015

A peaceful weekend?

My sister often complains about this. She has a very demanding job, trying to keep the administration of more than 18 schools in order - single-handedly! (I often ask myself how she manages, without getting an ulcer...) For me, it's only being in the classroom and teaching. Well, every now and then you have to correct papers or prepare examinations, but in general you do everything rather automatically (I've been teaching since 1978) and it's not so demanding anymore.

Then the weekend comes. Sometimes we can go to our flat at the coast, and that's blessful. There are restaurants galore and when we are there we often visit the bistro next door. They have good food, and it's not very expensive. Better still, you don't have to cook yourself!

When we stay at home, though, there is always something to do. Cleaning up, doing the ironing after the washing, prepare food for the coming week. We still make soup ourselves, which we free into daily portions. We always have a choice of soup to eat (I like it for lunch). And then there's the baking. My sister likes to bake her own bread and cookies. But it takes time and it's not quite a restful occupation.

So this weekend is a busy one, once more. There is fruit cake baking and we're also preparing a pasta dish for tonight's dinner (I have to wait until the water boils to cook the pasta, so I can take a few minutes off to write this blog). But tonight, we sit on the sofa and watch some film, while sharing a bottle of Argentinian wine. Cheers!

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