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Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend of surprises

Well, the weekend has passed and it's back to work once more. But we all enjoyed the exta long weekend of May 1st. We spent this weekend at the coast, where the weather was not too bad (although it still was way too cold on Friday).

On Saturday we heard on the radio that Prince William and Kate Middleton had their second baby, a little girl. No name yet, that remains to be announced. The Brits will go wild in their betting, though. Most bets go for Charlotte as the baby's name. Or it could also be Alice.

And yesterday evening our Belgian Tornados (yes, now we have nicknames for every sport's team) got bronze in the 4 x 400 m estafette in the Bahamas. This was a world championship, so this gives good hopes for another during the Olympics in Rio next year. Coach Jaques Borlée will be glad to see this result. Of course he already has his three sons running, but now he seems to have found another runner who equals his own sons.

The temperatures also mounted highly yesterday. I'm glad we're done with this too cold weather. I already had a bad cold before and I don't wish for another!

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