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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Us poor teachers...

Before reading on, I must state that I really like being a teacher! I've been doing this job since I left university (1978) and have seen many kids come and go. You can't stay in this job if you don't like it - because, contrary to what's claimed - teaching is not a light job in which you go from holiday to holiday and do nothing else.

But being a teacher is not always a good thing. For starters, we can only travel when the prices are highest (hotels, airfares, trains, ...). Low fares are only available when there is no school. And now, the weather! It's been warm and sunny (and will remain so for another day) but then it will be colder once more, with chances of rain showers. Now we have some days off, of course.

Yes, sometimes we are to be pitied!!!

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