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Friday, May 22, 2015

Tomorrow: Eurovision circus once more

Tomorrow night half of the world's population can go crazy again. The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on that night - for the 60th time. For this special occasion, even Australia is taking part in it!

On Tuesday and Thursday the semi-finals were competed. The rule says that only a few chosen countries can go immediately to the final. All the others have to compete in semi-finals. My country, Belgium, had to take part in the first of them.

The expectations were not high. Most of the time we don't make it. And we have only won the Contest once, with Sandra Kim and "J'aime la vie". That's a long time gone. The past few years were missers, but this time we made it to the final. With young Loïc Nottet, a French-speaking guy who brings a song that reminds of Lorde and Christine and the Queens. Not bad to hear, and it has a good rhythm.

The bookmakers say we have a chance. Are they right? For one, the English seems to like the song. And of course here abouts the media go crazy.

Will you be watching tomorrow? Don't say 'no' because even if you do, you'll be plugging on that telly later in the evening. I know - I say I'm not going to watch, but every year I'm in front of my tv and see how the points are awarded. Last year was good, with Conchita Wurst winning.

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