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Friday, May 29, 2015

Where has spring gone to?

It begins to look as if this will be another year in which we won't see a lot of sunshine. Right now, it looks and feels like autumn. Gray skies, low temperatues...

We haven't yet had a lot of nice weather. The days which we spent in La Rochelle, France, were good ones and also in Dublin before that we were lucky with the weather.

But this is nothing like May. There should be at least 20° Celsius, and more than one day of sunshine.
Just as well we've booked a trip to the south of France in July and are going to Rome in August. That way we'll see some sunshine at the least.

Weather in Belgium can be very unpredictable. I wouldn't miss this weather if I could live in another country, with a better climate - but then I'd miss cold and rainy Flanders for sure, isn't that strange?

How is your weather?

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