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Sunday, May 10, 2015


I don't often watch Frech tv - I almost never have to speak French, living in Flanders - but I must admit they make good tv series.

One I like to view every week is the police series Profilage, where Chloé Saint-Laurent (actress Odile Vuillemin) works for a Paris police station as profiler. She has suffered het mother's murder when she was a little girl and was traumatised by it. She spent years being treated, and as a result got an interest in psychology. Now she teaches courses at the university and also works for the police.

I often have to laugh at what happens in these episodes. Chloé has her own ways of doing things, and people have to get used to them. In the first series, the police chief is Matthieu Pérac (actor Guillaume Cramoisan) and from series 3 it is Thomas Rocher (actor Philippe Bas). The other members of the team are lieutenat Fréderique - Fred - Kassel (Vanessa Valence), Hippolyte de Courtène, the computer guy (Raphaël Ferret) and the superintendent Grégroire Lamarck (Jean-Michel Martial).

The series has the right mix of investigation and accent on the private lives of the characters. You do look ahead to what's happening next. I hope this series will go on for some time!

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