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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Back from Denmark - and Merry Christmas!

Hi there folks! We've just returned from a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. (I'll be posting some pics later on.)

Originally we wanted to go to Tallinn, Estland around this time, but some months ago we received word from the airline that our flight was cancelled. We got a choice to either book another flight, or get our money back. Because the other flights didn't suit, we decided to cancel the hotel as well and ask our money back. Just as well, because a few weeks later Estonian Air was in failure.

So we had to decide on another destination and the choice fell on Copenhagen. One of our friends used to live there and always said how nice it was. And really, it's a great city. Not very big, easy to walk about, with lots of things to do and many good restaurants.

We had a good time there. As it was near Christmas, there were also many Christmas markets and singing in the streets. Cozy!

Right now we are preparing for Christmas Eve (my sister's birthday) so I won't take too long. I want to wish everyone who reads my blog a joyful Christmas!

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