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Friday, December 4, 2015

Long weekend

Having a hard-working person in the house can  be quite pleasant at times... Doing a lot of overtime means you can get days off when you want. So we were able to come to the seaside yesterday noon and only need to return next Monday.

The sun is out today and it looks to be a beautiful day. We'll go for a walk of course, and then we need to go to the hairdresser's as we're dining out in a 2-star (Michelin guide) restaurant. We know it's chef and owner since he was a little boy who rode a pony.

And then we also have the two days of the weekend. They predict dry weather for tomorrow, though there will be some wind. Only for Sunday they predict a bit of rain.

The weather is quite nice for December - with temperatures around 12°Celsius, it's actually warmen than we should be having - but hey, who's complaining?

And how's the weather where you are living?

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