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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What will 2016 bring us?

With a renewed terrorist threat for Brussels, 2015 doesn't end very well. So much has happened - the many nature disasters, the continuous stream of fugitives to Europe, the terrorist attacks on Paris....

So you can wonder what the new year will bring. More taxes, that's for sure. Our nice government decided to raise a tax on the use of electricity, above all the rises in price already for 2016. Some families will have to pay 800€ extra just for the tax! We Belgians are really top of the ranking in what concerns paying taxes. Half of what we earn goes back to the state.

Another certainty is that there will be more work for teachers, with all the fugitives having to learn the languages of the country. As they say, one's death is another one's bread...

And what will our climate do? Will it snow at Easter or in July? Or are we in for a heatwave in April?We'll see.

What is already concrete are the trips we have booked for the coming year. We'll be going to Dublin, London, Venice and Stockholm + Visby already, and we haven't made plans for autumn and winter. (No, we are already thinking of the summer of 2017, considering a trip to the Azores.)

What do you hope for?

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