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Sunday, December 6, 2015


Boy, those were 2 days never to forget! You only realize how much you depend on everything when you are missing it...

Yesterday afternoon we went to pick up a new B-box (for the internet/tv connection) because the old one failed. No problem, we got it and brought it back home. We also connected it to our TV correctly. Everything seemed to be working fine - for just one hour! Then suddenly we neither had TV-connection or internet.

Followed endless phonecalls to Proximus (which took about one hour each) where nobody seemed able to help us. Called back this morning.

By noon we had internet again. Still no TV, as the decoder is also in failure. This one has to be switched as well.

Just so lucky to have the tablet with me so we can at least watch some TV programs via the tablet (thanks to Stievie, a provider via internet).

So this was the reason I couldn't write my blog. Sorry, guys!

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