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Monday, December 7, 2015

Extreme right wins in France

Yesterday there were elections in France. And does it surprise you to learn that extreme-right has won greatly? Marine Le Pen won the biggest part of the votes, especially in the regions north and south.

This is no wonder if you look at history. Europeans have a deep distrust of everything that is not their own. Throughout history, certain groups were visualised because they had another color or another faith. Look at what happened to the Jews and the gypsies throughout times.

When things go bad - economically and in society - we look at the odd duck out.

Right now, when none of the European governments is effectively dealing with the fugitive crisis, extreme right will gain more and more support. Why? Because they promise to 'deal' with the fugitives, who are seen as taking what is actually due to others. They will need support in finding a home, finding a job, getting an education, ... Funds that could better be spent on needy people from the own country, says extreme right.

When the current situation continues for a longer time, I foresee an escalation of anger towards strangers. It could lead to deportation and worse....The Germans living in Hitler's time also did not think they did anything wrong!

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