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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Euthanasia: forbidden for those who suffer mentally?

Belgium is one of the countries which allows euthanasia, if the one requesting it suffers from 'unbearable pains'.

Personally, I can imagine you are looking forward to the end of your pains when you suffer from a disease which tortures your already wretched body - and you know the end will come sooner or later. I also think you have the right to decide this for yourself.

But right now, a group of doctors are asking the government to revise the law allowing euthanasia. They want to forbid it for those who suffer from psychological pains. Specialists claim that a psychological disease troubles the thinking - when you are depressed you can't think clearly. So when you ask for the ending of your life, you are also not thinking straight.

Tough question, if you ask me. Who can determine how much pain a person suffers? There will be those who also suffer mentally. I can't imagine it because I have a nature that always looks for the positive, even in negative situations. But there are others.

I'm wondering how the government will decide.

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