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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All Saints

Today, on All Saints' Day, lots of people will go the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of their beloved.

There are many way to grieve, though. It's not my way to visit a cemetery (other than visiting places of history, like the famous Père Lachaise in Paris) and talking to a headstone.

I remember those I lost by dreaming about them. Not one week passes by when I don't have a dream in which my father, my mother or my grandparents occur. Last night I dreamed about my dad.

My sister and I also talk a lot about those who are not there anymore. Not in a morbide way, but just thinking back of happy moments.

My grandfather has a honorary grave for those who fought in the World Wars One and Two. Also my grandmother and father are busied in the same cemetery. But our mother was cremated and we have buried her ashes in the back of our garden, next to her budgy and her beloved cat Minou. We've put little markers there. I believe mum would have loved to be next to Pietje and Minou, because she always said she'd love that. And now it is possible.

How do you remember your dead?

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