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Friday, November 11, 2016

Day of remembrance

We're staying at the seaside right now, and this morning we attended the celebrations for November 11th.

They do it either in the center of Heist or Knokke. This year it was again Heist. There were speeches, bands playing and several organisations putting flowers at the monument of the fallen soldiers. Mayor Count Leopold Lippens was present, and of course many people who've lost dear ones during the former wars.

Our own grandfather fought in the two world wars, but he lived to tell. He did not share a lot about World War One, but talked freely about the second one. I suppose that one must have been less bad in his way of thinking. He spent about three years underground, having escaped the German POW camp and fled to France. He was there working in a vineyard near Bordeaux, and I guess we have inherited his love for wine from him!

The celebration happened under a clear blue sky. It's rather cold, but I don't mind some freezing. The sun was out and that warms up pretty well. After the speeches, there was a reception for everyone present, with a selection of mulled wine, brandy, chocolate milk and fruit juice. Along with all sorts of cookies, chips, nuts...

Hope to attend in two years' time, when World War One ended exactly 100 years ago!

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