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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

For all my American readers: happy Thanksgiving! Don't let the turkey burn and enjoy your meal.

Here in Belgium we don't have Thanksgiving. For us it's just an ordinary day - although... Not quite ordinary! My sister had an accident while cutting carrots (tip of the finger cut off) and now she's incapacitated. Which means I have to do everything! Now slicing, cutting etc. is not my forte - I always get complaints the cubes are too big. But I had to finish cutting away those carrots + onion for the soup, and then bring it to cook. A bit later this afternoon I have to start slicing mushrooms for today's dinner. Gosh, I hate to cook! I can do it, but I really don't like it.

And I'll also have to clean out the pots and pans - grr!

I often wish I had a house full of servants, who would care to my every desire. Meaning, THEY would do the housekeeping and let me concentrate on my writing.

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