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Monday, November 14, 2016

Gray skies and rain

It's real November-weather. The skies are dark grey and laden with cloud, and at the moment some light rain is coming down.

Quite depressing, this kind of weather! Luckily I can keep myself busy - I've got to go through the proof of my latest novel once more, this time to make sure there are no mistakes overlooked. And then once more, I can concentrate on my next novel.

For the rest, I try to keep up with the fallen leaves day by day to keep my yard tidy, I run some errands every now and then and I read. I'm going through Strange Affair by Peter Robinson at the moment. It's one I missed when I was reading through the DCI Banks series previously. Yes, I'm the kind of reader who doesn't read a book once, but many more times. Why buy a book to read it only once?

Also, I'm a bit vexed because I've been trying to find a restaurant in Budapest that's open on Christmas Eve. I did not know Christmas was that important in Hungary! I've contacted like 50 restaurants already (most have email) and none of them is open. There were two which open on that date, but they offer a special Christmas Eve dinner and they're way too expensive for what they offer. Will have to eat something at the airport, I suppose. If we had known before, we wouldn't have chosen this period to go to Budapest.

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