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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Home-made apple compote

Those who read my blog on a regular basis will know by now we often use the Thursday afternoon for cooking.

Some time ago we gathered fallen apples near the railroad. There are a couple of apple trees on the hard shoulder of the tracks, and this land is more or less no man's land. Actually, it belongs to the railways, but they don't seem to know it and say it's ours (and that of my neighbors). So we all asume we can collect the apples, right?

We have a whole bunch of them in our cellar (cellars are quite good for keeping food, like fruits, potatoes, onion, ...) and  this afternoon we decided to make a bunch of compote. Once ready, we freeze it in handy portions.

The principle is quite simple: skin the apples, remove the core and cut into pieces - bigger or smaller, according to the need. Then add some water, sugar and cinnamon. Let it stew on a low fire until it's ready.

The finer compote is great as an additon for cakes, desserts etc., while the one with chunks is ok to eat. Some recipes are great with apple compote, like black tripe, or chicken. We mostly eat it with vegetarian hamburgers (grilled and with fried onion added) and grilled potatoes (not baked, just slices of potato put under the grill).

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