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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

America votes

Just a while ago, the East Coast awoke to a new day - in which there has to be voted for either Clinton or Trump. Who'll win this election?

Election poles predict a win for Clinton, but as we know from what happened in Great-Britain (Brexit) a prediction doesn't always give the result we want.

Not being American, I wouldn't know whom to vote for. I was talking to an American guy last summer, and he also didn't know. Not one of the candidates was ok in his mind.

So I just look at what's happening on TV. I wish Hillary would choose something else to wear. Always those costumes à la Mao! And why must she shout that much?

On the other hand, Trump sometimes makes me laugh. And I love to watch his hand makes moves all the time. I'm told creative people do that - my sister says I also do it a lot.

Tomorrow morning we will know which way it has gone. That election system is also quite something. Most Europeans wouldn't understand it. And here in Belgium, not many people care for politics - who would, in a country where vote or not, those in power do what they do best: fill their own pockets and those of the multinationals, and make the poor more poor.

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