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Sunday, February 19, 2017


It's the weekend, and then you have time to spare. My sister and I spent some of this time trying to calculate how high (or low, depends on interpretation) my actual pension will be. Earlier on, I got news I could make my application for pension, which I did. But the official services always take their time in figuring out how much you'll actually get.

Luckily, I have a sister who knows a bit about how this pension is calculated. For me, it's important to know how much net I get. You have to pay taxes and for social security, but it depends on the gross sum. At least now I know more or less how it will turn out (she might be a few euro off, she knows from experience).  I'll get my pension as civil servant this year, and once 2019 I'll get an extra pension for the time I worked as publisher and freelancer, and also something for the time I was unemployed (it was a bad time in the 80's when like 3000 teachers were put on the streets by closure of schools).

Well, I guess I'll sleep without worries now! A pity my sister still has to work six more years... Otherwise we could move to the coast immediately and travel when or where we like to go.

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