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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Davis Cup

I like watching tennis. I try to watch as many matches from Roland Garros and Wimbledon (and in relay those from the US Open and the Australian Open). I've never played tennis myself, because of my bad eyesight, but I like looking at the play.

Especially those matches for the Davis Cup are interesting. Here the teams play for the glory of their country. Today Belgium won against a stronger Germany, just on team-spirit and endurance. Without their best-placed player, David Goffin, the Belgian team nevertheless could take 2-1 points against the enemy, Germany. (Well, if you look at history you should have know the outcome.) Steve Darcis won his first match, and also the double team won against a team which on paper was far superior. But the Belgians really played together and the few Belgian supporters in Frankfurt shouted them along. 1-1 on the first day. Today Steve Darcis had to play against Sacha Zverev, and he won in the end!!!

Looks great, especially when Italy can win against Argentina, because then the next games will be played in Belgium.

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