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Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday afternoon and feeling bored...

Although I quite enjoy not having to work anymore, sometimes I feel a little blue. Like this afternoon. I had a pretty busy morning, running errands, doing some reading and some writing and then having lunch.

After lunch, I began cleaning the house, but that didn't take very long as it was not very dirty. Hey, I'm not one who runs around with a Swiffer but I still like to see my house clean. But with only two adults inside, there is not so much that can get dirty.

After my cleaning, I had a cup of coffee (which I still brew like in the old days, pouring water through a filter) and read some more. But now I don't know what to do next. So this is my therapy to escape boredom!

Writing really helps to filter feelings. You can write away frustrations, anger, joy, whatever. I remember I once was so mad at a guy I imagined killing him in different ways. That prose lies around somewhere in my attic. Writing about my intentions was enough not to act upon them. Otherwise I'd be in  jail for murder. I can also make up nicer stories, like meeting the man of my dreams (although, nowadays, not so much any more) or even better, about winning a big pot in the lottery. Oh, what I'd do with all that money....

So, how is your Friday???

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