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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Never too old to learn

Since last weekend I have a smartphone. It comes with lots of app and other gadgets, and of course I need to find out what everything is and how it works.

The (young) girl in the shop asked me 'do you need me to explain how it works?'. Well, I may be over 60 (will become 61 in May) but I still comprehend how to work a new gadget. I can set up a computer when I buy a new one and also know how to operate the programming on the tv and decoder. I even know what to do when it doesn't work, so when I phone the tele-company I know at least it has nothing to do with a bad connection. Saves time and when you're lucky you immediately get a technician who can help you.

So now I have discovered new social media, like Instagram. Fun! I even found out how to upload pics from my computer and import them to my smartphone.

How are you about learning new technologies and such? There are people who assume elderly people won't know a thing about new technologies. That is so wrong. I bet some of us are more clever than lots of younger people. Our dad got to work with a computer program (for trains) just before his pension. Can you imagine, lots of his younger colleagues came to call on him when they had to work with that program?

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