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Friday, February 24, 2017

Flight to sun & snow

Officially, the so-called 'Crocus Holiday' only begins tomorrow. But already today, ten of thousands of people are leaving for better places. Our national airport expects around 50,000 passengers today, and also in local airports lots of flights take off direction sun or snow.

Skiing is gaining popularity, but skiers in the Alps might not be so lucky as to have loads of snow. It's been way too mild for the snow to keep and you need to go up higher than 2000 meters to find good snow.

Just as many people are going to countries where sun can be found: the south of Spain, Tunisia, Morokko, the Caribbean.

I must confess, were it not that my sister still has to work, I'd be truly considering renting a flat somewhere in a warm village and spend the winter month there. I suffer a lot from the humidity which rain carries. I can barely use my fingers. When I'm in a place where the air is dry and the sun shines, the pain goes away.

Alas, we're still stuck in this rainy town for more than 6 years. My sisters was not among those fortunate enough to still take their pension at 60. And especially these last years, she has to work harder than before. Her tasks keep go up year by year. I'm afraid she's going to have a breakdown when this continues - and the worst thing is that I can't help. My advice would be to quit in a year or so. Her pension wouldn't be that much lower. But she doesn't want to do that. Guess she inherited her stubborness from our granddad. She still thinks she needs as much as now when she doesn't work anymore. I keep telling her that's not true, especially when we sell this big house and go living in the coastal flat.

Well, can't be changed. So we'll just go to the coast next week - where it will be just as rainy as here!

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