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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Most memorable vacation?

Since Christine and I have widely traveled, we often get the question: "What was your most memorable vacation ever?".

Well, that's a hard question. There is only one vacation I didn't like so much in the many we had: a trip to Austria (long, long ago) when the only thing served in the hotel was colored rice: blue, pink, yellow,... YUK!

All the other vacations were just lovely. But of course, some more than others. When considering the most memorable, then I have to split up in various opinions.

The most spectacular view ever was being high up in the Andes mountains and looking down on the ruins of Machu Picchu. We were there in 1982, before lots of tourists began to tramp down the place. We can really say we saw the sun go down in Cuzco.

The most spectacular healthwise was during a trip to Kenya, when I drank alkali-poisoned water (without knowing, of course) and suffered a severe blood poisoning. So bad the camp director said she was going to call the Flying Doctors and have me transported to Nairobi. And guess what? The  next day I was completely recovered and could eat a horse!

Very adventurous was an episode in Bangkok, Thailand, when we were doing a tour with a touk-touk (sort of threewheeler with chauffeur) and the guy drove off the given path and gave us a tour of the unknown. We arrived safely where we needed to be...

The most threatening was during that same vacation, when we also visited Bolivia and arrived in La Paz right in the middle of a revolution and got warned not to leave the hotel, because there might be shooting.

The best feel-good moment was our trip to Venice last summer. Oh boy! We had a great room in the Hilton Molino Stucky (looked out over the canal) and entry to the executive lounge (got it during the winter sale the year before, with a big discount). The sun was shining brightly and we quite enjoyed the Venetian way of life. We could have dinner outside, along one of the canals. And we even met Michael Bolton during on our last-but-one day of our stay. He went along on a trip to the islands of Murano and Burano and kept in our neighborhood. We had a lovely conversation, and boy, I must say, he still looks good for his age!

The cutest pic taken during a vacation is the following:

Don't you agree this baby looks absolutely cute?

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