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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Bat Out of Hell

Boy, I wouldn't have missed this for anything! I'm ever so glad my operation will only be on July 13th, so Chris and I could continue with our planned trip to London.

Our main reason was to see the new musical, Bat Out of Hell. I bought the vinyl LP a long time ago (still have it, along with other LP's which are now collector's items) and just loved the music. Then it was Meatloaf and Ellen Foley's voices, but I must say the young singers/actors in the musical were just as great.

The theatre was more than full. I've never witnessed seeing people crowding even the highest circles! Not one empty seat visible. Guess lots of people must love this show! Taking pictures during the show was not permitted, but we took some at the curtain call, like everyone. And as you can see we had top seat, on the third row of stalls (and they weren't even that expensive).

                                                             Strat and his gang

The lead roles were sung by Andrew Polec, Christina Bennigton, Rob Fowler and Sharon Sexton. Not one of them sang less good than the other.  It was also very nice to meet these actors backstage and have a little talk with them. I find musical actors always willing to talk, hand out signatures and go on a picture with the fans.

                                  With Andrew Polec (Strat) and Christina Bennington (Raven)

                                              Chris with Rob Fowler (Falco, Raven's dad)

Needless to say we had a very good time in London - the weather was fine and sunny, also the hotel was more than okay, we had a great lunch & did some shopping (a girl can always use something new...)

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