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Saturday, July 22, 2017

This weekend's place to be: Tomorrowland

Yesterday, July 21st (our national holiday), the doors of Tomorrowland in Boom opened for its 13th edition. No more adventures in other countries this time, but TWO weekends of fun for (almost) everyone!

What concerns most visitors is how the main stage will look. It's quite something, even for those not into dance music. This year the theme is the circus, and Tomorrowland offers acts worthy of Cirque du Soleil. Another new item is that there's also live music. Some bands bring their own music, and yesterday afternoon there was even rock'n roll to be heard.

And better still, even our royal pair King Filip and Queen Mathilde think it's worthy to visit the festival. Big business, of course, and our king used to head the missions into foreign countries when he was still crown prince.

Brussels Airlines has a plane especially painted for Tomorrowland. It brings folks to the festival from all over the world. I suppose when I was 40 years younger, I'd go as well. Nowadays I prefer quieter stuff, like musical shows or ballet. But this festival sure looks like fun!

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