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Monday, July 3, 2017

Off to London once more

Without any doubt, London is the city where we like to be. I don't know exactly how many times we've visited there, but it must be a lot.

This year, it's already the third time we take the Eurostar train to St. Pancras. This train made it ever so easy to reach England's capital. Just two hours away from Brussels. In the old days, you had first to take a ferry from Ostend to Dover (and then by train to London), next came the catamaran which made it a bit faster, and finally the Chunnel.

The occasion for this visit is - of course - because we want to see a show. We're going to "Bat Out of Hell" which all of those who've live long enough will surely know. The show gets 5-star critics even from The Times.

It will be nice to be away after all the trouble I've been having lately. And next week I must go to the hospital for rather major surgery. I'll have to stay about one week in the hospital. So my doctor said I should enjoy this trip because I won't be able to do any travelling in the coming weeks. We had to cancel our trip to Italy which should have taken place later this month. Ah well, Italy won't go away and we'll be able to do it later. But a show like this is unique and won't return in the near future.

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