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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Folkore marktet

It's Thursday afternoon, and in Heist (part of Knokke-Heist) this means it's time for the weekly folklore market.

Some of the streets are closed off for traffic, and people set up their market stalls where (most of them) show their artifacts or practise their crafts. For younger people and children, this is quite something. Most of them haven't experienced life in the old days. They haven't seen how the fishermen here made their nets, don't know how lace is made, how to peel shrimp...

The market always draws a lot of tourists, especially on sunny days. And being Flemish, it's made sure you won't starve of hunger or thirst! There are more than enough stalls where you can buy freshly baked pancakes or 'smoutebollen' (a typical Flemish speciality), or freshly peeled shrimp and other fish, taste special salami's or cheese, ... And then there are the caf├ęs where you can have a pint of those tasteful Belgian beers.

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