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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunny days at the coast

Since coming back from London, we're staying at our flat on the North Sea coast. Not a very big flat, but comfy and an top of the building. We have a great view over the landscape. When the sky is clear and sunny, we can even spot the church towers of Bruges (15km away from where we are). And we see the ships going in and out of Zeebrugge harbor. Better than having sea view (nothing much happens there).

The days we've been here were good ones. The sun is out and when it doesn't get too warm, our terrace is the perfect place to be. You can enjoy the sun there, lunch or dine on it....

We're having a great time. We've been enjoying the sun, the local crafts market on Thursdays, new restaurants (there's a new Indian where tthe food is great), the local pubs....

There really isn't nothing better than our North Sea coast when the weather co-operates. Big sandy beaches, long walking promenades, lots of entertainment.... What more do you need?

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