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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Rid of the stitches

I'm finally rid of the stitches (well, to be precise: metal hooks) that closed my wound. 28 of them... It's a big wound too, from the middle of my stomach to my right side.

The last few days the stitches begin to itch, and that's a terrible feeling. It's such a relief to be finally rid of them!

The wound has closed without any problem and the doctor thinks the scar will be almost invisible in time. Well, I don't mind. I don't intend to put on a bikini in the near future. I'm allowed to take in some sun, but when you're over 60 it's nicer to put on a bathing suit, don't you agree? And I have a couple of pretty ones.

Off to the seaside for the rest of the summer vacation. Hopefully the weather will become somewhat nicer than it is now. I long for some sunshine after spending a week in hospital.

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