Sunday, February 4, 2018

Chile con carne

Ever since we tried this dish, we've been fond of it! So nowadays we like to make our own batch of chile and then freeze it in in portions for use later on.

H.ere's a pic of the ingredients; As you can see, you need quite a lot - and also lots of time to prepare!

First of all, you put olive oil in a big (and I mean really big) pot and heat it up. Then add the cubes of smoked bacon and let them fry a bit. Fish them out of the pot and put the ground meat in it. Then add the slices of steak. Once they're done a bit, take them out and put fresh oil into the pot.

Then fry your onions. After a while, add the white wine. Then add the bacon and meat and half of the spices. Let it boil softly for about 20 minutes.

Finally, you add chicken stock and tomato coulis, red beans and beer. The chile needs another 45 minutes to be ready - and of course, it's at it best when you make it the day before and let it rest a while.

We use to eat it like a snack, not as our main meal. It's nice with a bit of ciabatta. Perhaps not quite Mexican, but that is how we like it!

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