Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some quiet days at the coast

After returning from Liverpool, we decided to spend the rest of the vacation at the coast. The coast always has something to offer, winter, summer, autumn or spring. Of course, now it's more quiet here than in the summer season, but it isn't dead at all.

I remember when we were younger, when you visited a place at the coast then, you didn't see a living soul. But now more and more people have a second home at the seaside and they like to spend their weekends there as much as possible.

I've always loved the coast. It's peaceful here. At home we live near the railroad and a busy street where sometimes you can't cross the street because of the heavy traffic. Here you only hear the tram from far and the calling of seagulls.

The weather was not bad either. We saw the sun regularly and that's always nice. We made walks along the seafront, did some shopping (!) and went out dining on our last evening here. Later today we go back home because my sister has to start work again. 

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