Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Flight to the sun

Next Saturday schools will close for a week, because of carnival (although they name this vacation: Crocus Break...). Brussels airport expects at least 180,000 passengers who'll want to leave for sunnier parts during this break.

When I was a couple of years younger, I couln't imagine spending a sunny vacation in winter, because I loved to go skiing (and not only in Europe). But now we don't ski anymore (my sister had an accident about 10 years ago, she fell while skiing and was out of consciousness for a rather long time - the doctors still don't know what caused this) I like the sun more and more.

We won't be seeking the sun during the coming break, but 6 weeks later, we'll head to the United Arab Emirates. It will be warm enough there! And during the Christmas holidays, we'll be in Mexico where the climate will also be a lot better than in Europe.

Loving sunshine doesn't mean we'll just sit at the pool and do nothing but soaking and having drinks from the bar! No, even when it's hot we like to wander around, exploring the neighborhood and seeing more of the place you are visiting. Only afterwards, we take a plunge and spend half an hour drying up. That's more than enough, we're not the sort of tourist who puts down his towel to secure a resting place near the pool.

And what about you?

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