Friday, February 2, 2018

Some books really have it!

As the current weather is not inviting to go outside, I'm glad I'm comfortably on my sofa reading one of the best books in ages!

I'm talking about Beware the Past by Joy Ellis, a British author of crime fiction. Unknown to me, before Amazon kindly presented it to me. The summary of that book seemed promising, so I bought it. And wow, what a book! I'm already through 4/5 of the novel and still haven't got a clue of to who or why.

The plot centers around DCI Matt Ballard, who is stationed in a place called Fenfleet, somewhere in Lincolnshire's marshland. As a young police-officeer he witnessed a bout of serial killings of young boys aged 11. Now he's the only one from the old team still around. And someone seems to know a lot about Matt... Another 11-year-old boy is found murdered and another disappears. And Matt gets strange pictures that play around with his sanity. The murderer clearly knows what happened all through Matt's career and is also well aware of his personal life.

I'm hoping to finish the book today as I can barely restrict myself from peeping at the last page to see how it ends!

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