Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Freezer weather ahead

After a nice sunny week of school vacations, the weather is turning. We're in for a bout of Polar Vortex... meaning it will be very cold for at least two weeks!

Now I don't mind the cold. I can stand temperatures below zero, as long as there is also some sunshine along. One can dress against the cold, right? I always dress in layers when the temperature sinks below -10°. And on top of it a warm coat, a woollen hat and gloves. That way you can master almost anything, even on the bike.

It will be a nice change from the rain we've been getting during December and January. When it's dry you can easily take out the bike, or make long walks. And at night you put on an extra blanket over the duvet, that keeps the cold away (we don't have heating in the bedrooms, as I like some fresh air at night).

How do you handle the cold?

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