Saturday, February 24, 2018

One folly after the other...

This may sound crazy, but once more we allowed ourselves to be carried away by a folly. Some days ago, I read a message on my smart phone about Andrew LLoyd-Webber's 70th birthday celebrations. As both of us love his music, we thought we'd give it a try to secure tickets for this event on June 17th at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.

I switched on my pc a bit before 11 am (10 am in England, the time the tickets would go on sale). Know what? All the VIP packages were already sold out! But I was lucky to get tickets not far away from the stage (if I'm too far off, I don't see a thing). So I just got out my credit card and paid for them. Time to figure out how to cover the costs later!

I don't know how it works, but in such aspects we've always been lucky. We'll never win the lottery. That's not for us. But what concerns travelling and events, we do have luck. I remember long ago, in the 1980s, when the situation for teachers was really very bad and we were more out of work than in. Well, our annual ski trip to Switzerland never had to be cancelled. Every time we thought we wouldn't find the money to pay for it, one of us got a job and we could finance the trip. And much later on, in 2008, I really thought we'd had to cancel our trip to Vancouver because I had purchased a flat with the intention of moving to it. However, our house didn't sell right away. I had to apply for a special credit and needed to pay over 1,000 € a month just for that. I hadn't any money left! But just before we would make the trip, we could sell the flat again (with a big profit) and decided we'd stay in the house for the time being. Finances restored, and it was a wonderful trip to Vancouver!

So I'm really glad we'll be able to attend this event in Chelsea. Who knows, Lloyd-Webber is already 70 and there may not be a next celebration (for the same, we won't be there either). My motto is: do everthing you can now, and don't postpone.

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