Friday, February 9, 2018

Good news

Yesterday, I've spent most of the daytime at our local hospital (which is really a very good one) to have my 3-monthly-check-up. This needs to be done when you are being treated for cancer. Amongst others, I had a scan of the lower body to see how the metastasis were doing. Also blood tests, of course.

Around two pm the oncologist came to see me (yes, they do that here, they're very friendly) and told me the results were fine. The little dots on my lungs are disappearing and the lump at my pancreas has certainly not increased in size, is even changing color (which I assume must be positive). So I can keep on with the lower dosis of the medication - and as it is, it seems that since a couple of days the side-effects of this medication are less intense. My feet have been hurting like hell for a long time, but since last weekend I can walk once more. Hopefully it stays this way!

Well, we left the hospital feeling good.

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