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Monday, August 27, 2012

Are you addicted to soaps?

I always thought I was not... But look and behold: I've been watching the soap 'Thuis' (in English: Home) for over 13 seasons, withouth missing one episode!
It's so addictive to watch ordinary people love, suffer, murder, ... Tonight we'll finally know if Simonne has survived her accident, if Marianne can keep her affair with David hidden from her husband Geert, if Femke realizes she's nearly killed Simone, etc.
Sometimes I think I could write a better script for the soap, but all in all I think it is well-made and captures the interest of the viewer. With over 1 million viewers per night it's a blockbuster in our little country Belgium. It does better than the soap on independent TV, which is called 'Familie' (Family). Better acting, better directing.
What do you think about soaps? Do you watch them too?

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