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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Off to Rimpelrock

Tomorrow, my sister and I are leaving the coast to travel to Hasselt, which is in the east of the country. We'll stay there for the weekend. On Friday we'll do some shopping and exploring of the town (which is by the way very cosy) and on Saturday we'll attend the Rimpelrock festival.
This festival is quite unique as it was originally meant for people over 60. Chokhri Mahassine, who organisies Pukkelpop as well (the big rock festival for youngsters), thought it would be a nice gesture toward the elderly in his town, and so he organised an afternoon with popular local singers, all for almost no entrance money.
In ten years, the festival has grown into a party that begins at noon and lasts until midnight. For the last three years, also international artists are coming to Rimpelrock and each year it gets better.
Chris and I attend this festival since 2010, so this is our third time.
The first time, we were not quite prepared for what was coming to us. We did not have easy chairs, we did not bring our box full of drinks and food, we did not have a picnic table, etc. Now we come prepared! The only thing you need to do is come early and wait before the gates open. Then it's a rush (you'd be surprised how fast the elderly can run!) towards the best places before the center stage, and only then you can get comfy...
But not only elderly people go to this festival anymore. It's more and more a happening for the entire family and you see just as many young people as older ones.
Tomorrow we'll be treated to a bunch of Belgian artists with some reputation (ever heard of Will Tura? He's great - and he wrote or writes music for people like Sinatra). We'll also get The Hollies, Tom Jones and Marco Borsato (Dutch crooner).
Last year we got Paul Potts, Englebert Humperdinck and José Feliciano.
And best of all, the weather is good! We had a fine sunny day today and the expectations for tomorrow and Sunday are even better.

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