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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Convicted criminals ... and their future

Right now, there is a lot of commotion going on in Belgium. Michelle Martin, (ex) wife of convicted child murderer Marc Dutroux, and she herself convicted as accomplice, is due to be released today. We're waiting on the verdict right now, but most likely she'll be set free.
See, we have laws that say a convicted criminal can be set free when he or she has done 1/3 of the time due. If convicted for 30 years, they can be free after 10.
The parents of the deceased girls have started a protest action. They don't want to see Martin go to a convent (which she will do when she is set free). They want her in prison until she dies
In my opinion, they should start a movement to alter the laws. After all, the judges can't do anything else but follow the law.
Our criminals laws are just not strong or harsh enough. Someone convicted for stealing a loaf of bread can be longer in jail than someone who has done murder. Sometime ago, a bank robber rebelled against this, claiming he had only stolen money and never killed or hurt a person. I felt he was right in doing so.
What is your opinion? Mind sharing it?

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